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LSM Associates

A little more about us...

John McGaugh

Chief Capital Markets Officer

LSM Associates, LLC is led by John McGaugh, the company’s Founder and Managing Member, who also serves as the head of investor relations for this project.

John is a highly successful business and real estate professional with a reputation for providing his investors with swift, detailed responses and timely payments of returns.

He is approachable and highly respected by his investors due to his extensive experience and professional progression in real estate, which includes roles as an investor, developer, manager, and sales agent for over 2,476 residential and commercial development units throughout Texas.

John’s expertise in real estate investing and investor relations is unmatched, having attended the SMU Cox School of Business and spending most of his life in the DFW area.

He is an active member of several real estate investment groups, including Brad Sumrok’s multifamily investor group, Lifestyles Unlimited International, DFW Real Estate Investment Association (REIA), and Dennis Henson Real Estate Success group.

With John at the helm of investor relations, we are fortunate to have a seasoned professional leading our efforts to connect with investors and ensure their needs are met.